Stanley's Quick Quiz

Answers to the Quiz
  1. Stanley Bason, the farmer who gifted his farm to become a botanic garden
  2. The Custodian and his family
  3. Blanche Bason, Stanley's wife
  4. Mowhanau Stream
  5. Haemanthus coccineus (Commonly known are Blood Lily or Elephant Ear) was Stanley's favourite flower
  6. Begonia 12°C, Tropical 18°C, Orchid 25°C
  7. A botanical garden in addition to being an attractive place, conserves and preserves rare and unusual plants and provides opportunity for research and study of plant species.
  8. Mediterranean sub-tropica land tropical plants and Australian species
  9. 25 hectares
  10. Their source was a gift of a farm. They are in a rural setting. You can drive around them. They have unique architecture. They are hilly and have many vistas.
  11. The Gardens are financed by the Wanganui District Council and funds raised by the Trust.
  12. Shelter is important because they are near the west coast with prevailing salt-laden westerly winds.
  13. The camellias are planted in beds of species.
  14. Two demolished picture theatres in Wanganui
  15. Stanley Bason gifted the farm and homestead in 1966.