Blanche's Things To Do

hdr education

Through the Exotic Conifer Arboretum
  • Identify three different kinds of cones
  • See how many countries are botanically represented
Around the Dress Circle
  • Complete a brass rubbing of one of the Conservatory plaques
  • Scientifically photograph a series of subtropical botanical images
  • Creatively photograph something floral in the English Garden
  • Make a wish in the Spin-a -Coin Homestead Garden feature
Near the Millennium Hill
  • Identify three fragrant plants in the Friendship Force Scented Garden
  • Find the cork trees and feel their bark
  • Take a photo of the stunning Echinacea, Echium and/or Eryngium (Spring/summer)
In the Native Bush and Wetlands
  • Recall the legend of Tane, God of the Forest
  • Make up a guide's script for the wetlands bog area
  • Identify the bird calls
At the Picnic Area
  • Organise a picnic with friends – and teddy bears
  • Write a song / poem about a favourite place
  • Identify the waterfowl – remember to take binoculars
Through the Woodlands
  • Sketch a flower – and send the sketch to a friend/relation
  • Listen to the tuis in the Kowhai Bank
  • Read Wordsworth's Ode to Daffodils in the Spring Garden